CrowdSourcing a Drinking Game

In the latest episode of The NerdRage podcast on Spreecast, which I was able to (in part) listen into and participate in live, I made a suggestion in the comments:

pictured: Osei Dixon, my moderately insane suggestion

NerdRage co-host Osei Dixon essentially said, “do you want to die, Kevin?” And let’s face it: there’s a reason why taking a drink every time Lembas tousles her (self-described) “soft and silky” hair might lead to alcohol poisoning.

pictured: Lembas flips us off. In a good way.

A few other ideas were thrown out during the show, and I tossed a few past Lembas this morning

which led, in turn, to the delegation of authority:

And so, as I suggested, I take my irresponsibility seriously. I’m providing a rough template for the NerdRage drinking game below, with some suggestions based on the last few episodes. Feel free to provide ideas in the comments, and I’ll revise and modify. I particularly need help with Osei’s idiosyncrasies (Lembas, your help appreciated here). With that, your NRDG:

Gentle sips

  • Lembas flips her hair
  • Lembas unbuttons one button on her shirt
  • Lembas mentions donuts, particularly in the context of Osei wearing them or their essence
  • Lembas or Osei mention Hobbit porn (without being goaded into it from the comments)
  • Lembas says “that’s what he/she said”
  • Osei discusses his gaming blog, vids, etc.
  • Lembas makes indication of the fact she is in her bed/bedroom
  • Lembas says “I will cut you.”
  • A solid drink

  • Lembas loses her Internet connection
  • if Lembas, Osei, or any other on-video guest call out your podcast chat by name (either mentioning you by name or quoting from the text)
  • you arrive in the chatroom
  • Osei mentions his Mom, particularly in reference to listening to the podcast
  • Lembas mentions former co-host Tim (@RightWingNerd), particularly in context of abandonment of Osei
  • Lembas unbuttons a second (visible) button on her shirt
  • Osei says “that’s what he/she said”
  • Lembas plays “show and tell”, as with her knee-high boots in Episode 8
  • Osei “goes British”, by using the bad accent he uses to read his own Tweets.
  • Chug

  • Osei’s mom appears on the podcast
  • Charts and Graphs I

    So about two weeks ago, John Ekdahl was discussing the ways in which the media ignores stories (that night, it was the latest set of protests for May Day in Seattle) while ignoring some of the most obvious items in those stories. So I told John I’d send him a chart. And so I did:


    And the next day, it went viral:


    Hat tips to Michelle Malkin, Ace, even Glenn Reynolds for linking it. Heck, the fine folks at Twitchy even labelled it “Flowchart of the Year”.
    20130518-002506.jpg Talk about blowing up a little blogger’s ego.

    Anyway, in the two weeks that have followed, we’ve seen more of the same, some of which couldn’t be hidden from the public. The IRS. The Benghazi hearings. And more. It has begged for another more generic chart looking at information and The Narrative.


    Now, this isn’t to suggest that this is a “one size fits all” for all journalists in all situations. I’ve been interviewed by journalists, and count some as friends (both in social media and in real life). Nonetheless, when it comes to issues of The Narrative, of the effort to centrally message in spite of contradictory evidence, I think that this one’s applicable. It was being finalized when the AP story broke. That caused the last question to be added.

    Now, is that all? No. I love making charts and graphs. And so this will serve as the start of a new feature here at BB. I hope you enjoy it.

    BB writes tomorrow’s headlines today

    I provide the following for our friends in the media, as given today’s court ruling, they’ll need this article sooner rather than later.





    (AP) [DeadGirlFirstName] [DeadGirlLastName], [age], a junior-high school student at [SchoolName], died yesterday at [HospitalName] in [CityName]. The cause of [DeadGirlFirstName]’s death appears to have been an adverse reaction to levonorgestrel, also known as the “Morning-After pill”. It is suspected that [DeadGirlLastName] made an over-the-counter purchase of the drug two days ago at [PharmacyName] Pharmacy, [Address], and that contrary to instructions provided with the medication, took the two-pill regimen in a single dose, causing uncontrollable bleeding. She delayed informing friends or her parents and was found unconscious in her room by her [Relative], who called 911. [DeadGirlLastName] was dead on arrival at [HospitalName].

    HEAR THE SHOCKING 911 CALL HERE [insert link]

    Friends of [DeadGirlLastName] expressed shock at the situation.

    “[DeadGirlFirstName] was a good friend,” said [FriendName], [FriendAge], a classmate of [DeadGirlFirstName]’s at [SchoolName]. [FriendName] further discussed the pressures she, [DeadGirlLastName] and other young girls are under: “… sure, lots of girls our age are…y’know…doing it with boys…even older boys.” [DeadGirlLastName] apparently had been seen with [BFName], [BFAge], a recent graduate of [HSName] High School. Police are investigating whether [BFName] and [DeadGirlLastName] were carrying on a relationship; if so, [BFName] might face charges of Statutory Rape, given [DeadGirlLastName]’s underage status.

    Experts, including those at the Food and Drug Administration, recommended unrestricted access to levonorgestrel for girls and young women for years. a Judge’s ruling in 2013 made the medicine an over-the-counter item. The FDA contended that the restrictions in place at the time – requiring a prescription – effectively kept many adolescents and younger teenagers from being able to use a safe drug in a timely way to prevent pregnancy, which carries greater safety risks than the morning-after pill.

    Meanwhile, [DeadGirlLastName]’s parents {insert if appropriate: , who are divorced,} and who declined comment, are left to mourn their daughter, who starred on the [TeamName] team and looked forward to a career as a [DeadGirlCareer].

    – 30 –

    Rule 5 Friday: Save Page 3

    Earlier this week, intrepid blogger Robert Stacy McCain shared with us a tragic story from the UK. Seems that feminists have declared war on the Page 3 Girl, the ubiquitous topless buxom model featured on the same-titled page of The Sun (sorry if my grammar is a bit off there, but just typing topless and buxom in the same sentence is a bit…distracting).

    20130315-235602.jpgPictured, L-R: Haggard, disheveled woman without positive body image strives to bar men, lesbians from enjoying the fine female form; older feminist who tried this before whilst a lefty member of Parliament.

    That said, as soon as this fact was noted this week, it made the choice of topic for a Rule 5 Friday (now Saturday as I type this) an easy one. Join us below the fold for some of the finest women the UK has sent our way. Obviously, since we’re discussing buxom and topless, NSFW applies.

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    A Year Without Andrew

    A year ago today, about 7:50 AM MT. I was sitting in my car, in front of my son’s school, waiting to stand in line with him. It’s a nice place, one that welcomes parents in line to say the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer. The early arrival gave me enough time to check my Twitter feed.

    And in a few seconds, I was floored. Because it was clear that Andrew Breitbart had died.
    I followed Andrew on Twitter…well, mostly. His was the first account that I ever invoked the “block retweets” capability in Twitter. Because Andrew was a prolific re-tweeter of all of the vitriol he received, and of some epic takedowns of random jobbers and media blowhards.

    I watched his speeches, most of all because he got it. That fighting for a handful of votes in Washington pales in comparison to the greater fight, over our culture. That cowering in our beliefs is a sure way to defeat in that lesser battle. And his humor, his in-your-face approach in dealing with the self-described arbiters of truth, that captured me.

    And I sat down to read Righteous Indignation. A really wonderful tale of how a man found conservatism in the front seat of a delivery car. How making the countercultural choice in a liberal hotbed could only be conservatism.

    I cried that morning, reading that Twitter stream. Said a prayer for Andrew, for his wife, his kids – we’re about the same age, so I felt a simpatico with him. Said a prayer for us, those who had lost his burning flame at the tip of the spear. Joined in the #DJBreitbart effort on Twitter. And prayed that I could raise my voice with one-fifth the strength of Andrew.

    I never met you in person, but I miss you so much.

    NM “Assault Weapons” bill gets a hearing Thursday

    The “assault weapons” bill, New Mexico House Bill 402, will be heard by the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee at 1:30 PM Thursday, per the house committee schedule. Tonight I finished penning my note to my representative, who sits on that committee. It reads (in principle) as follows:

    I don’t write letters like this every day. Today, though, I write to you with urgency regarding a bill that will come in front of you Thursday as a member of the Consumer & Public Affairs Committee, and may ultimately come before you on the house floor, namely House Bill 402 as submitted by Representative Easley.

    That bill, focused on criminalization of future purchase, and on possession and safety issues related to “assault weapons”, flies in the face of our inalienable rights as specified in Amendment II, United States Constitution (and reaffirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller), and in our own State Constitution, Article II, Section 6, which states

    “No law shall abridge the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes, but nothing herein shall be held to permit the carrying of concealed weapons. No municipality or county shall regulate, in any way, an incident of the right to keep and bear arms.”

    Those words were written in 1910, and ratified in time for statehood two years later. The concept of “security and defense” entrenched in that section of Article II was tested six years later when the town of Columbus was attacked by Pancho Villa’s Division of the North. The town, while a home to the 13th Cavalry, was strongly defended by its armed citizenry, who used their own guns to defend their lives and their property.

    While the risk of cross-border incursion or foreign invasion is lower today, the continued need to protect one’s home, life, and the lives of one’s family are paramount. You have long been a proponent of maintaining an armed vigilance as one element of a balanced response to violence: you’ve worked for possession rights for officers of the court (as you’ve sponsored in various forms since 2003) together with domestic violence bills (such as HB 249, 2006) as well as numerous expenditures to enhance the Albuquerque Police Department.

    For the maintenance of security and defense as laid out in Article II, Section 6 of the New Mexico Constitution, in line with the rights laid out in the second amendment, I urge your strong opposition to Rep. Easley’s bill, and for the encouragement of fellow Republicans and liberty-minded Democrats in defeating this bill.

    With warmest regards,

    Kevin in ABQ

    NOW is the time to act.
    NOW is the time to make your voice heard.