Rule 5 Friday: For The Love of Math

As always, props to WombatSocho at The Other McCain for pulling together all the Rule 5 goodness.

Conservative hearts beat hard throughout the campaign season because of the presence on the ticket of Paul Ryan, because of his strong belief in Math.

So I think it’s time to grace Rule 5 Friday with a mathematician. Here’s one: 20121123-222116.jpg That’s right, it’s Danica McKellar.

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Thanksgiving Recipe: Sausage and Bacon Stuffing

When I was a kid I hated stuffing. Really hated it. Nothing but bread and celery, to my taste. Then my Mom made this. And everything changed.
Prep time: 45 minutes
Oven time: 60 minutes
Oven temp: 350 F

Bacon, 8 oz
Pork sausage, 1 lb chub (I prefer sage)
Sweet onion, 1 small, diced
Celery, 3 ribs, chopped fine
Butter, 1/4 cup
Eggs, 2, beaten
Poultry seasoning, 1 tsp
Stuffing croutons, 1 large package (or your own dried bread cubes
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook bacon until crisp. Let cool, then crumble. Reserve 1/4 cup bacon drippings in skillet. Add butter to drippings, melting butter. Add celery, onion, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper and cook 10-15 minutes until vegetables are tender. Remove from skillet.

Crumble sausage in skillet and cook thoroughly. Drain and put sausage on paper towels to remove grease.

Toss bacon, sausage, and vegetable mixture with bread croutons. Pour beaten eggs over mixture and toss until well blended. If too dry, add water to moisten.

Makes enough to stuff a 12-15 lb turkey. Also may be put in a casserole dish and baked alongside turkey for final hour.

Easy Thanksgiving Recipe

Cranberry Jelly

Jelled Cranberries, can

Prep time: 12 hours, 3 minutes
Cook time: N/A

Refrigerate can of jellied cranberries overnight. Remove can from refrigerator. Open one end with a can opener. Shake vigorously over a plate while squeezing the can until jellied cranberries slide out of can with a slurping sound. Set aside can. Place cranberry cylinder on its side. Holding top and bottom, slice into 1/2 to 3/4 inch slices, then slice lengthwise down the cylinder. Serve.

UPDATE: Photo below.

Rule 5 Friday: Love

Hat tip, as always, to Wombat for the linkage. Gra┼║ie also to Classical Liberal.

A long week is wrapping up. A short week lies ahead. What lies between is Rule 5 Friday. After a week across the pond, we bring things closer to home. Friends, in a time of division, We. Need. Love.
20121115-232640.jpgAnd when it comes to love, I am nothing, if not a giver.

More of Jennifer Love Hewitt after the break.

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