Rule 5 Friday: Love

Hat tip, as always, to Wombat for the linkage. Graźie also to Classical Liberal.

A long week is wrapping up. A short week lies ahead. What lies between is Rule 5 Friday. After a week across the pond, we bring things closer to home. Friends, in a time of division, We. Need. Love.
20121115-232640.jpgAnd when it comes to love, I am nothing, if not a giver.

More of Jennifer Love Hewitt after the break.

20121115-233151.jpgJennifer. Your slip is showing. Not that that’s a bad thing.

20121115-233503.jpgI just love that smile.

20121115-233602.jpgThis is how I’d love to spend my Saturday…

20121115-233737.jpg…and my Sunday. Oh, those bedroom eyes.

20121115-233850.jpgAnd that reminds me: lingerie makes a great Christmas present.

More next week.


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