Rule 5 Friday: For The Love of Math

As always, props to WombatSocho at The Other McCain for pulling together all the Rule 5 goodness.

Conservative hearts beat hard throughout the campaign season because of the presence on the ticket of Paul Ryan, because of his strong belief in Math.

So I think it’s time to grace Rule 5 Friday with a mathematician. Here’s one: 20121123-222116.jpg That’s right, it’s Danica McKellar.

20121123-222709.jpgKnown to a generation as the seemingly unreachable (to Kevin Arnold, at any rate) Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, Danica was a Math major at UCLA, and graduated Summa. Even has a theorem in her name.

That’s hot.20121123-223125.jpg She’s gone on to write four books on math. Four books! They’re all geared for pre-teen and teenage girls, to keep them interested in math.
20121123-224100.jpgA z = x^2 – y^2 on the small of the back is so sexy.20121123-224643.jpgA saddle point can also be found between two hills.20121123-230334.jpgLagrangian relaxation.

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