Rule 5 Friday: Back Across the Pond

Hat tip, as always, to Wombat-Socho for rounding up the Rule 5 content hope you’re feeling better – and do stop by some of the other fine Rule 5 blogs.

Time once again for a Rule 5 Friday post after a week off. Time to think about who should grace this spot. Naturally, a trip to the UK was in order, to visit a member of the third of the fifth topless brigade.20121207-214354.jpgThis is Rosie Jones. More of this fair lass after the break. Caution: As Miss Jones has spent time as a Page 3 model, some images after the break may be considered NSFW. You’ve been warned encouraged.

Miss Jones has the excellent posture you’d expect from a Catholic School girl. Trust me, per her bio, she was. Couldn’t find a school uniform picture, though. Darn the luck.
20121207-214859.jpgShe can fill out any flimsy thing.
20121207-214950.jpgOr, on the other hand, overfill it.
20121207-215105.jpgOr, better yet, nothing at all.
20121207-215153.jpgLoving the underboob.20121207-215324.jpgRosie also holds the Guinness Book of World Records mark for most bra changes in a minute, at seven. I kid you not.
20121207-215616.jpgThat doesn’t necessarily mean she frequents bras.
20121207-215807.jpgShe does, however, look amazing in a bra. Or out.

Bonus video to go!


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