Random points

As I’m lacking a continuous long-form thought stream, I wanted to get a few random thoughts written down:

We are now past the halfway point of President Obama’s tenure in the Executive Office. We made it through the last four years; we can make it through the next four, with each others’ help and prayers.

From reading reports on the inauguration (sorry, I was working) it sounds as if the crowds were smaller. But just as petty as four years ago. You remember, don’t you? Back then, they booed and chanted “na na na na, hey good bye” to President Bush; today, they booed Paul Ryan. A movement chock full of people better suited to throwing snowballs at Santa Claus at Veteran’s Stadium in Philadelphia.

The Obama campaign apparatus – now reclassified as a not-for-profit – is appropriately designated. As it really represents a religious movement. Nonetheless this organization may be used to mobilize voters for issues, it appears unlikely to be put at the beck and call of another’s campaign. This same hubris cost Democrats in 2000, and Republicans (to a lesser extent) in 2008.

My life, in aggregate, is good: my wife and kids are healthy. My Penguins are 2-0 to start the year. I’ll need whatever distractions I can get. But I also need to get involved. Now.

I finally discussed the new shotgun with the wife tonight (I’m looking at taking up sporting clays). With little kids around, she’s been hesitant in the past. I think I made a good case for a safe plan that will provide appropriate safeguards, while enabling the kids to learn and respect the tool, as they would any other that could injure them. Which is to their advantage in the long run. Fearing a gun, or any other weapon, isn’t the concern: avoiding their misuse, or deterring someone with another weapon and malicious intent, is.


2 thoughts on “Random points

  1. I’ve lived through more than a few Presidents I didn’t happen to personally support, and the nation never came to ruin. Now I just vote, and shrug, and get back to my life. Things go up and down, and over time you make your own luck. There’s no way I’ll ever need a gun again, but if you want to own one, I’m glad you intend to have safeguards.

    • And I think that was my opening point: the planet didn’t spin off its axis in the last four years. No guarantees either way, with this President or any other, in another four year period.

      Slogging onward is what most days feel like. I want to get past that. I want to do more. At the same time, I want to be a good Dad and Husband. And that takes time, as well.

      The shotgun isn’t a reflex action to the rest of the world. For the past couple of years, our nearby range has had an outdoor expo, with opportunities to shoot stationary targets with .22 rifle, blunderbuss, bow and arrow, and pistol, and clays with shotgun. The latter has, in limited exposure, been the most enjoyable, as my aim has been good. Facility is close by, so it would make for a good weekend break. To me, practicing security on the weapon, on ammo, and educating the kids is essential. “It is a tool and it can hurt you or someone else if you misuse it” is no different than Cub Scout knife safety.

      Thanks for the comment, Mikey!

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