Rule 5 Friday: Save Page 3

Earlier this week, intrepid blogger Robert Stacy McCain shared with us a tragic story from the UK. Seems that feminists have declared war on the Page 3 Girl, the ubiquitous topless buxom model featured on the same-titled page of The Sun (sorry if my grammar is a bit off there, but just typing topless and buxom in the same sentence is a bit…distracting).

20130315-235602.jpgPictured, L-R: Haggard, disheveled woman without positive body image strives to bar men, lesbians from enjoying the fine female form; older feminist who tried this before whilst a lefty member of Parliament.

That said, as soon as this fact was noted this week, it made the choice of topic for a Rule 5 Friday (now Saturday as I type this) an easy one. Join us below the fold for some of the finest women the UK has sent our way. Obviously, since we’re discussing buxom and topless, NSFW applies.

20130316-003636.jpgIsn’t that better? Not disheveled, not bitter; rather, smiling, happy, perky.

20130316-003818.jpgeven willing to conduct an educational breast self-exam.

20130316-003946.jpgand willing to show another side. To press the flesh.

20130316-004050.jpgit is the UK, so formalwear is encouraged. Even while principally topless.

20130316-004156.jpgbut it never hurts to clean up.

20130316-004301.jpgor to enjoy the out-of-doors…

20130316-004347.jpgso please, won’t you consider writing The Sun to let them know how much you’re…uplifted by the girls of Page Three?


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