CrowdSourcing a Drinking Game

In the latest episode of The NerdRage podcast on Spreecast, which I was able to (in part) listen into and participate in live, I made a suggestion in the comments:

pictured: Osei Dixon, my moderately insane suggestion

NerdRage co-host Osei Dixon essentially said, “do you want to die, Kevin?” And let’s face it: there’s a reason why taking a drink every time Lembas tousles her (self-described) “soft and silky” hair might lead to alcohol poisoning.

pictured: Lembas flips us off. In a good way.

A few other ideas were thrown out during the show, and I tossed a few past Lembas this morning

which led, in turn, to the delegation of authority:

And so, as I suggested, I take my irresponsibility seriously. I’m providing a rough template for the NerdRage drinking game below, with some suggestions based on the last few episodes. Feel free to provide ideas in the comments, and I’ll revise and modify. I particularly need help with Osei’s idiosyncrasies (Lembas, your help appreciated here). With that, your NRDG:

Gentle sips

  • Lembas flips her hair
  • Lembas unbuttons one button on her shirt
  • Lembas mentions donuts, particularly in the context of Osei wearing them or their essence
  • Lembas or Osei mention Hobbit porn (without being goaded into it from the comments)
  • Lembas says “that’s what he/she said”
  • Osei discusses his gaming blog, vids, etc.
  • Lembas makes indication of the fact she is in her bed/bedroom
  • Lembas says “I will cut you.”
  • A solid drink

  • Lembas loses her Internet connection
  • if Lembas, Osei, or any other on-video guest call out your podcast chat by name (either mentioning you by name or quoting from the text)
  • you arrive in the chatroom
  • Osei mentions his Mom, particularly in reference to listening to the podcast
  • Lembas mentions former co-host Tim (@RightWingNerd), particularly in context of abandonment of Osei
  • Lembas unbuttons a second (visible) button on her shirt
  • Osei says “that’s what he/she said”
  • Lembas plays “show and tell”, as with her knee-high boots in Episode 8
  • Osei “goes British”, by using the bad accent he uses to read his own Tweets.
  • Chug

  • Osei’s mom appears on the podcast
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