That’s What I’m Talking About

Now, that was a superior win. Better than the December 2008 win in Baltimore – the goal line catch – that all but clinched the AFC North and paved the way to Super Bowl XLIII.

Just finished watching most of the fourth quarter again – it was so pleasant – and it brings home the important point that turnovers should be avoided. Driving, Charlie Batch tried to hit Heath Miller in the back of the end zone. Ed Reed cut across and made the pick. On third and four, the Ravens looked for a pass – one that was apparently far afield, because James Harrison had plenty of time to get around the left side to liberate the ball from Joe Flacco. Ziggy Hood made the recovery. A few plays later, Batch found Miller, who channeled Lynn Swann’s ballet practices to tie the game.

The defense continued to surprise, as much as anything else for making sure tackles, not making the dumb play on the Flacco deep ball – and there were plenty of those. The Steelers got the ball back with plenty of time for a clock-killing GWFG drive. That’s just what Charlie Batch and the offense had in hand. An earlier screen fake with a Miller seam route opened up the WR screen just enough late – there were three of them on the final drive – to keep yardages reasonable.

Also, no dumb penalties. Yes, the false start on the last set of downs served as a setback, but the random holding calls were held to a minimum.

So, 7-5 going in to a closing quarter with three of four at home. Ben might be back. Ike might be out. But we’ll take a win like this every Sunday.